Some do hire during the cyclone season in tropical North Queensland.

The brave? It's not so much the risk as the incessant rain.

"Amora" is a Spanish female name meaning "love".

Brief: Love Storm in Paradise
In a nutshell

Facing financial ruin, Annie Terter battles marina operations manager, Jack Pallant, to keep her tropical yacht charter business afloat. But love and a hurricane named "Love" intervene.

The plot

From the outset, Annie Terter is sure the Baron's new marina manager, Jack Pallant, will add to her woes, gorgeous as he is. Annie's partner long abandoned her and small daughter, Dodi, to their struggling yacht charter business in tropical North Queensland. Cyclone Amora — the "love storm" — is boring down on the Whitsunday Islands, scaring off hirers. Her yachtmaster is lusting after her. And business rival Carla Champion is using Pallant to seek revenge for Dodi bloodying her kid's nose.

Daughter of a Seattle policeman, Annie is a born fighter. But her biggest battle is over her flip-flop in feelings for Pallant: her business foe by day, attentive lover by night. She is starved of love and Dodi adores him.

The Baron's latest demands send Annie off to spite Pallant on a picnic cruise with her randy yachtmaster— right into the path of Cyclone Amora.

Even rescued by Pallant, Annie denies her feelings. Until the hurricane attacks the yacht they are sheltering in, almost killing him. Then with Cyclone Amora ranting her disapproval, the lovers show what a real "love storm" is all about.

The first in the Whitsunday Islands romantic suspense trilogy.

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